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Indonesian Community

Indonesian Community

We are the Indonesian Catholic Community (KKIS).

Our vision is to become the centre for all Indonesian-speaking Catholics in Singapore and to serve and assist in fulfilling their spiritual and social needs in Singapore.


MISSION: To achieve its vision by:

  1. Conducting Eucharistic masses, prayer meetings, catechesis/RCIA, visits to the sick, social and recreational gatherings as well as providing counselling and spiritual support to migrants and foreign domestic workers, all in the Indonesian language.

  2. Continuous efforts in integrating into the Singapore Catholic Church.


  • 1St and 3rd Sunday of the month, 3 pm @ the Church of St Bernadette

  • For other Sundays, please check the schedule on KKIS website.


We minister various sacraments in Bahasa Indonesia, including infant Baptism, RCIA, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Holy Matrimony, Anointing of the Sick, in many Catholic parishes in Singapore for Indonesians living in Singapore.



  • Legion of Mary

  • AmoreDio Cell Group

  • Migrant Empowerment Group

  • Galilea Prayer Group

  • OLPS Charismatic Prayer Group

  • Agape Hospital Visit and Ministry of the Sick

  • Marriage Encounter (ME)



If you are interested in joining any activities mentioned or would like to get more details about the above information, please contact KKIS through the following platform.



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