Parish Office Hours

Mon-Sat    10.00am - 7.30pm
Sun             8.00am -  7.30pm


(65) 6737 3529

Our Priests

Rev Fr Aloysius Ong

Tel: (65) 6737 3529

Ordained:  29 June 2003


Rev Fr Patrick Goh
Tel: (65) 6235 3112

Ordained: 13 December 1969

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Parish Office

Our Parish Office is open during the following times:

Monday - Friday:       9.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday & Sunday:   9.30am - 7.00pm

Physical access will be on a need-to basis.

For all business and enquiries, please email the Parish Office at csb.secretariat@catholic.org.sg or call them at 6737-3529.

Media Centre

Temporarily Closed. 

Thrift Shop

Temporarily Closed.