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Welcoming You Back for Holy Mass 



Important Information for everyone coming for Holy Mass


As we are under COVID-19 restrictions, we need your full cooperation so that our facilitators can safely and efficiently get everyone into Church on time for mass, and out quickly to allow the church to be sanitized ready for the next mass. We note that there has been a handful of isolated instances where parishioners have caused trouble either by not cooperating with the facilitators or not following the SafeEntry guidelines. We want to make clear that if you do not cooperate, we will not be able to admit you for Mass.


Before coming to Church:

  1. You need to have registered yourself with St Bernadette’s Church and have booked yourself a mass at 

  2. For step by step instructions on how to register, please read this:

  3. Attendance at Mass is by booking only.  

On the day of Mass:

  1. If you are unwell – having a cough, sore throat, fever – stay home and avoid coming for Mass to ensure that we do not spread any infection.

  2. Come with one of these identity documents to facilitate entry:

    1. NRIC

    2. Work Pass

    3. Passion Card

    4. Passport

    5. Or any official ID that contains a barcode with your NRIC/FIN

  3. From June 1, 2021, it is mandatory that you have either the TraceTogether App on your smartphone with Bluetooth enabled or the TraceTogether Token​ (ensure that the battery is functioning).

  4. Please arrive 15-30 minutes before Mass starts to allow time for check-in.


At the door:

  1. Pedestrians enter the Church compound through Gate 1 (Zion Road), next to the Annex, while cars enter via Gate 5 (Kellock Road), next to the Parish Centre’ basketball court.

  2. Our Check-In volunteers will be doing 2 checks on everyone attending Mass:

    • Safe Entry check-in using either the TraceTogether app or token;

    • Verification of your booking and registering your attendance with

  3. Please cooperate with our Check-In volunteers to ensure a smooth entry into Church. They have been instructed to adhere to the instructions given by MCCY and the Archdiocese Task Force Committee.  If you have any queries on this, email us at or


Once inside Church:

  1. The Church has been divided into seating zones to limit the possibility of infection between them. To comply with MCCY requirements, you need to stay in your zone and avoid contact with parishioners from other zones.

  2. Seating is configured in a checkerboard pattern, with one-metre separation from each other. As such family members may not be able to sit close to each other, except for young children with their parent or caregiver. 

  3. Our Hospitality Wardens will help guide you to your seat based on the zones marked out and the availability of seats in those zones. Please cooperate with them.


After Mass:

  1. Please exit the Church via the designated exit for your zone. On weekend masses, you will be given instructions. 

  2. Please leave the compound as soon as possible. Do not linger within the compound as the gates will be closed shortly after Mass ends.

  3. If you have driven to Church, please drive your car out of the Church car park as soon as possible after Mass ends.


Again, we seek your patience as we work out all the kinks of resuming Masses.  Please cooperate with our volunteers and do please adhere to the rules, as the Govt has placed a stricter set of requirements on places of worship. 

We look forward to seeing all of you at Mass!

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