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Transiting from single life to married life is a change that can be demanding. A whole mindset change in decisions to experience love and joy. Learn from couple mentors to live out love and responsibility. Build a firm foundation for a thriving family and make friends for life in this six-session, one-on-one couple journey.

WHY sign up for Couple Mentor Journey (CMJ)? 
1.    Marriage Preparation - CMJ will take in couples if the priests marrying them approves of CMJ for their marriage preparation. IF a registration is for marriage prep, we will ask the mentee to try to get a slot for EE/MPC first. 

2.    Augmenting Marriage Preparation OR Marriage Enrichment – Truly the mentee will gain a lot more from CMJ if they come as marriage enrichment or augmenting marriage preparation as pertinent issues will be discussed. 

3.    Convalidation – Couples who were previously not married in church but intend to get their children to catechism or to accept the sacraments. 

CMJ Content for Marriage Preparation or Enrichment
1.    Relationship Skills
       -    communication (feelings, listening)
       -    conflict resolution, reconciliation
       -    decision making
2.    Issues clarification
       -    family of origin, expectations
       -    values, beliefs
3.    Knowledge/Information
       -    Natural family planning
4.    Living out the Marriage Sacrament  

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