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Sunday Canteen Service

Objective. To foster a spirit of community belonging at Church of St Bernadette's parish


The parish canteen is located conveniently behind the Church building. Parishioners and visitors regularly drop by before or after Mass to relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast with complimentary coffee and tea. Here they meet parishioners and make new friends, foster a greater sense of belonging to one community where all are made to feel welcomed.


It is a popular place where parents chat and sip coffee or tea while the children attend Sunday School.


The canteen service is run by parish volunteers who are happy to whip up delicious food to whet your appetite. This is served at low cost and with a smile. Proceeds from the sales go to the parish.


Canteen volunteers comprise four teams who rotate their service and are supported by other teams of stand-ins. A third team of parish volunteers perform the much-appreciated service of washing plates, cups and cutlery.


Operating hours are from 8.30am to 12.30pm every Sunday, except for festive seasons.


To volunteer with us, please contact the parish secretariat.