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Media Team


We keep all parishioners informed of events within and without the Parish for the purpose of enabling all to participate fully in the life of parish, to ensure that all are aware of programs that will help improve and grow our faith as Christians and to understand the vision of the leaders of the parish.



To communicate with the members of the parish, we utilise the following means:


How do I get information published?


If you have any information that you would like to communicate to the Parish, please submit them with all the pertinent information including:

  1. What is the event?

  2. Who is organising or conducting it, and who is your intended audience?

  3. When and where is it held?

  4. How does one register for it?

  5. Please include a photo or poster;


Email the above information to Please ensure that you do so at least 6 days prior to the intended publication date. All requests will be vetted by the Parish Office.


Photography Team



Through photography, we capture moments of events in the Parish to all readers the life in the community at St Bernadette’s. We hope that the photographs help convey how the Parish lives the mission of Christ, through the celebration of the Eucharist and the Sacraments, and in the service to the Parish as well as our neighbours. Through them, it is our goal that the photographs may encourage more amongst us to continue the mission of Christ to love and to serve, and to serve as an archive of memories for future generations of parishioners of St Bernadette.


Requirements to be a parish photographer

  • Have some experience in photography

  • Possess camera equipment

  • Desire to shoot great photos to inspire others


Guidance will be provided as part of the training. If you are interested in exploring this ministry, please contact our coordinator.

Facebook Team

Our St Bernadette Facebook page allows us to reach out to parishioners very quickly with the latest information on events past and future. This multimedia social media platform focuses on the middle-aged group of parishioners from their 30's to 60's. It is rich with photos and videos as well as live broadcasts. FB Messenger allows us to receive queries from our followers, thus making the platform a great interactive tool. 


Instagram Team


The parish’s Instagram page is tailored for a younger demographic of our parish. Follow our page and your feed will be punctuated with reminders of our identity in Christ and our mission in the world.


Our Instagram Team is constituted under the Youth Office and collaborates closely with the Media Team. Please feel free to send us your feedback via Instagram Direct Message (DM).

Website Team

This team designs, builds and maintains our website at The website is home for much of the reference information of our parish, from our history to the latest information on how to join our many ministries and groups. It also allows parishioners to request for sacramental services like infant baptism and anointing of the sick. |

The team is made up of a diverse group of designers, and technicians. 


Bulletin Team

This team is probably the oldest among the communication and media team. Since the early eighties, it has been publishing the parish bulletin, The Voice of St Bernadette. This weekly publication keeps parishioners informed of events, and other announcements. 

The talent we have in this team is main editorial in nature. 


Audio-Visual Ministry

This team produces slideshows that are shown in Church prior to each mass. This is another way for us to keep parishioners informed. Information on the screen tends to be short but will direct those interested to find out more on the website or bulletin. 

This team is made up of talent who are good in language, possessing the ability to bring across pertinent information in the most succint manner. 

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