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Let’s Come Together For
A Synod Conversation

Theme: Journeying Together


All are welcome!

Pope Francis has invited the Catholic Church to embark on a journey together.

Through listening and discernment rooted in the Holy Spirt, the entire people of God will be called to contribute to a process by which the Church deepens in understanding of Her mission and looks forward to the future.


What to expect?

We’ll have small-group sharing on the main theme Journeying Together. The session will last about 90 minutes, including the opening prayer and briefing.

A scribe will note the main points raised during the Synod Conversation. No names will be mentioned in the report. It will be sent through the parish to the archdiocese, the regional bishops, and finally to Rome.


Why participate?

“This process is not about making decisions.

It is a process where everybody can articulate their aspirations, their pain, so that those that are in authority … would have listened … before we can make real decisions that are effective for the Church.”

                                                                                            - Archbishop William Goh


Let’s go as parish!

[via Zoom]

Thursday, 7 April at 8pm

Monday, 11 April at 8pm

[in person]

Friday, 22 April at 8pm


Choose one session held over either Zoom on 7 or 11 April at 8pm, or opt for the in-person session on 22 April at 8pm. Click on Feel free to contact our Parish Office for assistance.


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