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TraceTogether App and Token Mandatory


Please note that as mandated by the latest COVID-19 requirements, the use of either the TraceTogether App or Token will be made mandatory with effect from May 17 2021. This means that all of us will need to tap in at the checkpoints when we come into the Church using a fully functioning TraceTogether App or Token. 

Therefore if you are using the TraceTogether App, please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled. And if you are using the TraceTogether Token, you have to make sure that the battery is functioning (flashing green light). 

Please replace your TraceTogether Token at the nearest Community Centre CC immediately if the battery has run out. We may not be able to scan your Token’s QR code going forward. 


If neither of your TraceTogether App nor Token is functioning, we will have to turn you away from attending Mass, even if you have a valid booking. The requirement for this is to ensure you can be notified should someone near you was tested positive for COVID-19.

Thank you.

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