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Family Life Team (FLT)

The Family Life Team (FLT) of St Bernadette’s Church was formed in early 2000. Our mission encompasses Services, Activities and Formation:  


Services – e.g. marriage preparation, answering urgent counseling needs for troubled married couples, infant baptism preparation, conducting classes for post-confirmation class, etc; 


Activities – e.g. organizing parenting workshops, learning- enhancement workshops, newly-wed gatherings, monthly Praying Parents sessions, participating in parish events, e.g. Advent project, special Family Masses, etc; 


Formation – It is our hope that services and activities can be the initiatives toward Formation, whereby groups, e.g. parents’ group, newly-wed groups, etc, support themselves by planning their own activities, help their own members, reach out to others and renew themselves regularly. 


Spiritual Director: Fr Patrick Goh


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